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Mad Men and the Ableist Drive of Production

Although I am finding Mad Men deals with numerous social issues, disability seems to be far out on the fringes. In a 2009 episode entitled “Guy Walks into An Advertising Agency,” disability enters the conversation toward the end of the episode. … Continue reading

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Full Blown Ableism. Again.

To those of us who fight ableism, it is no surprise that dominant culture renders differently shaped bodies, bodies out of bounds, or what Rosemarie Garland-Thomson calls “extraordinary bodies,” as childlike, asexual, and dependent. Rosie O’Donnell and Chelsea Handler’s recent … Continue reading

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Disney Wants Your Baby!

The New York Times article “Disney Looking Into the Cradle for Customers” alerts readers to the highly disturbing: Disney is not satisfied with the uncountable number of minds it has already corrupted. Now, Disney is entering into maternity hospitals, looking to … Continue reading

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Markings: Stereotypic Formations and Transgressions

I was late to arrive to the latest version of Star Trek (2009) but, what I did discover when I saw it was that the narrative of the marked body has, disappointedly, not changed. In the latest installment, the Romulans, an … Continue reading

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