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Disney Wants Your Baby!

The┬áNew York Times article “Disney Looking Into the Cradle for Customers” alerts readers to the highly disturbing: Disney is not satisfied with the uncountable number of minds it has already corrupted. Now, Disney is entering into maternity hospitals, looking to … Continue reading

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Surprise Pregnancies, Sensationalized T.V., and the Unruly Body

I have just discovered TLC’s show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant. The program is in its fourth season and all the while I never knew about its hyper-sensationalized, dramatic stories of bodily terror. After reading viewer comments and several … Continue reading

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Essential Femininity, Bottled and Ready for Purchase

It doesn’t take much to notice that essential femininity is being branded, packaged, and sold. The clothes and food we buy are codified, and now, so are our body washes. Just in case you didn’t notice the curvy shape and … Continue reading

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