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Orange is Not So New

Okay. Maybe it’s because it’s been a full season since I last saw Netflix’s original series Orange is the New Black. Maybe it’s because the glitz and glamor of the show and its “progressive” inclusion of diverse characters has worn … Continue reading

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Mad Men and the Ableist Drive of Production

Although I am finding Mad Men deals with numerous social issues, disability seems to be far out on the fringes. In a 2009 episode entitled “Guy Walks into An Advertising Agency,” disability enters the conversation toward the end of the episode. … Continue reading

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Beware, the Wrinkle

The central antagonist of Snow White and the Huntsman is not Snow White’s stepmother, the Dark Forest, the queen’s dark army, or the huntsman wielding an axe. It is the wrinkle, the threat of aging. Indeed, this fairy tale has multiple points … Continue reading

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Anti-Smoking PSAs Are Anti-Disability

I have read the latest series of anti-smoking Public Service Announcements (PSA) from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) from a disability theory lens, particularly because of the ways the PSAs featured the individuals. Entitled, “Tips from Former Smokers,” the … Continue reading

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Full Blown Ableism. Again.

To those of us who fight ableism, it is no surprise that dominant culture renders differently shaped bodies, bodies out of bounds, or what Rosemarie Garland-Thomson calls “extraordinary bodies,” as childlike, asexual, and dependent. Rosie O’Donnell and Chelsea Handler’s recent … Continue reading

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First Comes Weight Loss, Then Comes Marriage

As we demonize weight gain and celebrate weight loss, the news is out: Ricki Lake is losing weight. In proper regulatory fashion, this “victorious” act is being broadcasted. The Huffington Post reports, “‘Dancing with the Stars’ Premiere: Ricki Lake Already … Continue reading

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Six Ounces of Thin?

After receiving complaints from the National Eating Disorders Association, General Mills has decided to pull the following Yoplait Yogurt commercial: The Association argues that the internal dialogue, the back and forth self-bargaining, that the woman in the commercial has with … Continue reading

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Vampires, Cure Narratives, Oh My!

I finally saw the 2009 vampire thriller Daybreakers last night and it is a movie that I must analyze using my tool of choice: disability theory. The plot goes something like this: a plague has turned most humans into vampires … Continue reading

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No Longer Either/Or

Firstly, it is wonderful to finally to write again, especially with a story in need of another reading. You may have heard of the Toronto family who decided to raise their new child without acknowledging the baby’s gender. Since the … Continue reading

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Disney Wants Your Baby!

The New York Times article “Disney Looking Into the Cradle for Customers” alerts readers to the highly disturbing: Disney is not satisfied with the uncountable number of minds it has already corrupted. Now, Disney is entering into maternity hospitals, looking to … Continue reading

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