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Full Blown Ableism. Again.

To those of us who fight ableism, it is no surprise that dominant culture renders differently shaped bodies, bodies out of bounds, or what Rosemarie Garland-Thomson calls “extraordinary bodies,” as childlike, asexual, and dependent. Rosie O’Donnell and Chelsea Handler’s recent … Continue reading

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First Comes Weight Loss, Then Comes Marriage

As we demonize weight gain and celebrate weight loss, the news is out: Ricki Lake is losing weight. In proper regulatory fashion, this “victorious” act is being broadcasted. The Huffington Post reports, “‘Dancing with the Stars’ Premiere: Ricki Lake Already … Continue reading

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Vampires, Cure Narratives, Oh My!

I finally saw the 2009 vampire thriller Daybreakers last night and it is a movie that I must analyze using my tool of choice: disability theory. The plot goes something like this: a plague has turned most humans into vampires … Continue reading

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No Longer Either/Or

Firstly, it is wonderful to finally to write again, especially with a story in need of another reading. You may have heard of the Toronto family who decided to raise their new child without acknowledging the baby’s gender. Since the … Continue reading

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