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Fighting for Self-Love Amidst a Whole Lot of Thin

This summer I decided to embark on a journey of body love. After leaving my late teens with an eating disorder and eating disordered thinking (my relationship to food and my body will never be the same again), I wanted to … Continue reading

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The Farthest Away From Learning: My Husband’s Not Gay

A friend recently reminded me that the television network TLC stands for “The Learning Channel.” I had forgotten the “learning” part, though with their new docu-special My Husband’s Not Gay, there is most certainly an insidious lesson at hand. My Husband’s Not Gay follows the story … Continue reading

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Orange is Not So New

Okay. Maybe it’s because it’s been a full season since I last saw Netflix’s original series Orange is the New Black. Maybe it’s because the glitz and glamor of the show and its “progressive” inclusion of diverse characters has worn … Continue reading

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Coven: Nothing Unexpected

American Horror Story: Coven has ended and I have to say, I am not surprised by the ending (if you have yet to watch it, spoilers are ahead).    When it came down to choosing the next Supreme, I was … Continue reading

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Intergalactic Love: Kirk and Spock

Star Trek: Into Darkness satisfied my appetite for the heart and soul of Kirk/Spock fan fiction: homoeroticism in deep space. No, the words “boyfriend” or “lover” were never used. And no, Kirk and Spock never kissed. But that is only if … Continue reading

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The Racing of the Bathroom

Watching T.V. online doesn’t save you from the commercials. This I learned the hard way. However, after seeing the same Lime-A-Way commercial ad nauseum last night, I realized that it wasn’t just a benign commercial for a cleaning product. Woven … Continue reading

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Mad Men and the Ableist Drive of Production

Although I am finding Mad Men deals with numerous social issues, disability seems to be far out on the fringes. In a 2009 episode entitled “Guy Walks into An Advertising Agency,” disability enters the conversation toward the end of the episode. … Continue reading

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