Disney Wants Your Baby!

The New York Times article “Disney Looking Into the Cradle for Customers” alerts readers to the highly disturbing: Disney is not satisfied with the uncountable number of minds it has already corrupted. Now, Disney is entering into maternity hospitals, looking to turn newborns, and their mothers, into customers.

For the past month, Disney Baby has made its presence known in 580 U.S. maternity hospitals giving mothers who have just delivered a free “Disney Cuddly Bodysuit” for their babies.

Considering that Disney will be giving another estimated 200,000 bodysuits away to unsuspecting mothers before the suits go on sale,  I cannot help but see this as a dangerous trend: our bodies marked as consumers (and as commodities) at an earlier age. An even more expanded industry is going to revolve around these bodysuits. Disney proposes hats, strollers, and baby food (baby food?!), among others. Disney has even teamed up with the website Babyzone, creating a site for mothers “with that special Disney touch.”

Disney’s chief executive Robert A. Iger says that he’s “extremely excited about [Disney’s expansion].” I for one would not mind seeing a few less Disney Princesses and Mickey Mouses walking around.

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6 Responses to Disney Wants Your Baby!

  1. JM says:

    Are the hospitals getting a kickback, I wonder? And are the “cuddly bodysuits” gender-coded? My son’s diapers have Mickey and Goofy on them, which horrified me at first because I didn’t know that before I bought the giant box from CostCo and had to use them, but now it amuses me that the only Disney characters we have in the house are 1) hidden from view, and 2) urinated on and discarded.

    • It would be interesting to see what the hospitals get out of it. I don’t know if the suits are gender coded, but in the long run, Disney as an industry most certainly is. “Princess culture” has a larger investment in trapping young girls into Disney. Shall we say it promotes the cult of essential femininity? Thanks for your feedback Juliet!

  2. RK says:

    Ugh. Isn’t it enough that almost every child dreams of going to Disneyland?! They want to get us from the womb!

  3. hakea says:


    I’ve never been fond of Disney. Too commercial, too gender stereotyping, too saccharine sweet.

    I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard once that Walt Disney didn’t actually like children.

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