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Mad Men and the Ableist Drive of Production

Although I am finding Mad Men┬ádeals with numerous social issues, disability seems to be far out on the fringes. In a 2009 episode entitled “Guy Walks into An Advertising Agency,” disability enters the conversation toward the end of the episode. … Continue reading

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Anti-Smoking PSAs Are Anti-Disability

I have read the latest series of anti-smoking Public Service Announcements (PSA) from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) from a disability theory lens, particularly because of the ways the PSAs featured the individuals. Entitled, “Tips from Former Smokers,” the … Continue reading

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Vampires, Cure Narratives, Oh My!

I finally saw the 2009 vampire thriller Daybreakers last night and it is a movie that I must analyze using my tool of choice: disability theory. The plot goes something like this: a plague has turned most humans into vampires … Continue reading

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Investigating Absence

Typing “disability” in Youtube’s search engine reveals a variety of videos. Some create a spectacle of difference, while others fetishize the body. Still others approach a more complex and nuanced reading of ability, privilege, and difference. The following video, simply … Continue reading

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